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Stand up paddleboarding is a great way to get on the waters of the Sunshine Coast.
Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals
So many happy renters this weekend! Than

Grab a board and hit the water! All of our rentals come with PFD's, leashes, and paddles. Tie down equipment is also provided free of charge (if your vehicle is able to transport). Use our rental delivery service to get a board brought to you!

Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons
What an awesome wrap up to our 2nd week

We are proud to offer lessons from instructors that are actually certified. Anyone can just try to hop on a board, but we want to show you how to have an amazing time on the water. Gain skills, confidence and knowledge with a lesson.

Stand Up Paddleboard Tours
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We were the first company to bring stand up paddleboarding to the Sunshine Coast. As pioneers in SUP we have had the pleasure to explore some of the most amazing places on the Sunshine Coast and beyond. Let our guides show you some of our fantastic local waters.

We stock the largest selection of kayaks, paddleboards and canoes on the Sunshine Coast.  Our 2022 RENTAL FLEET SALE WILL BE ON SAT. SEPT. 17

View the list here - deposits placed reserve your board prior to the sale!

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